"Great writers deserve access to top Agents, Producers and Execs. The NexTV competition was launched in 2010 by industry professionals to find tomorrow's next great voices in the entertainment industry."

Connect w/ elite decision-makers.

In order to create a direct "pipeline" to entertainment industry decision-makers, the winning script will be read by our Winner's Panel, a cross-section of entertainment insiders. 

Previous Winners

Great writers deserve access to top industry professionals.Previous winners/fellows have been:

  • SIGNED by top agents at CAA, IAG, ICM, Innovative Artists, Larchmont Lit and others.
  • STAFFED on television series at CBS, HBO, Hulu, BET, Amazon.
  • SOLD their submissions as specs to both indie and studio buyers.
  • MET with execs from HBO Max, Freeform, Comedy Central, Harpo/Own, Lionsgate, Bad Robot, Fox TV Studios, Fox 21, Facebook Watch and others.

Note: All category winners will be announced in a press release that will be delivered to the personal email boxes of over 250 of the top executives in Hollywood. 


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Screenplays, Pilots, Pitch Videos and... Short Stories.

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New category: Short Stories

Since 1968, nearly one-third of all movies have been adaptations of books.

In today's entertainment marketplace, SHORT STORIES are just as compelling and, in fact, often garner the same option and purchase prices for the writer.

Our Short Story category winner will have their material brought to film and television buyers by execs at the publishing company, Level 4 Press (www.level4press.com).


Submissions will be reviewed using the following criteria:

  • Quality
  • Viability in today’s actual marketplace?


"PITCH DECK / PITCH DOC" Category Rules:

(We suggest including visuals in this document that help bring the reader into the world of the story).

  • All pitch decks must be submitted as PDFs
  • All pitch decks must include the following:

  • Written material must be submitted as a PDF document.
  • Logline
  • Short synopsis
  • Description of the World
  • Character Descriptions (usually 4-6 characters are enough)


  • Pilot Story Synopsis
  • Series Overview


  • Plot Summary


  • A Link to your video submission (or the URL where we can find the video) must be submitted in the body of a PDF.
  • Videos can be trailers, teasers, sizzle reels or other videos specifically created to "sell" a film or TV series.
  • You may include other information on the PDF (visuals, photos, logline, etc..) , but WE WILL ONLY JUDGE THE VIDEO for this category.

"SHORT STORIES" Category Rules:

  • All short stories must be submitted as PDFs.
  • Short Stories will be judged based on QUALITY OF WRITING, and  based on HOW ATTRACTIVE THE SHORT STORY IS FOR FILM/TV ADAPTATION.

GENERAL RULES for all categories:

  • Written material must be submitted as a PDF document.
  • All submitted material must be the original work of the writer(s).
  • All submitted material must be in English. We accept material from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. (If Video submission is NOT in English, we require subtitles or dubbing).
  • If it is based on a true story or another work, it should be noted on the title page (and appropriate rights must be attained by writer, if necessary).
  • Multiple Writers/Creators are allowed, but, all must be listed.
  • Multiple entries from the same Writer/Creator are accepted, but each must have its own Entry Form & Fee.
  • Entry Fees are non-refundable. No refunds will be issued for any reason.
  • Contest applicants must accept without reservations the decisions rendered by the competition.
  • If you become a Finalist, you will be contacted to provide a close-up photo. These may be displayed with your project title on our site and on all press materials and releases.

All writers/submitters will retain 100% ownership over the material they submit.

For Deadlines, Prizes, and other submission information....

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